Emotional Competence is an important factor in children’s development. It is the ability to understand, express and manage emotional situations.

The Exploring Emotions Workshop is based on helping children acquire the tools and support in developing emotional competence through a range of activities and shared discussion.


Story and group activities (shared discussion, drawing activities, games)

Group: Up to 10 children (suitable for children between 4 to 8 years)

Cost: $

Time: One hour


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Earlystart0903Exploring Emotions workshop gives children an opportunity to share their ideas and feelings through discussion and stories. Shared discussion enables children to relate to different feelings in a variety of situations.

Emotional competence is the ability to:

Express and describe different emotions
Become aware of and read different emotions and behaviours of others
Respond to others and have the ability to work with others in a group
Build self esteem
Display empathy towards others
Ability to work through a range of situations
Can think reflectively and make connections between their actions and their emotions

Emotions are feelings that range from:

Happy • Excited • Proud • Sad • Nervous • Scared • Anxious/overwhelmed • Tired • Frustrated • Angry • Impatient and patient • Shy • Embarrassed • Cheeky

Building an understanding of emotions allows children to:

Describe and identify a range of feelings/emotions
Teach children how to resolve minor conflicts
Make connections with others
Provide opportunities for children to cooperate with others
Build resilience and work out ways to work through a range of feelings
Model positive behaviours
Understand a range of feelings and apply strategies to work through them
Build communication skills and share ideas
Identify expressions that connect to different emotions